The Odds of Winning the Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

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The Odds of Winning the Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

The OLG Lotto 649 draws are held twice a week, on Wednesday and Thursday. The jackpot is guaranteed at $1 million, and players are required to match at least two of the winning numbers in the draw for free play. The lottery is also worth the extra dollar, since the top prize is $250,000 and the second prize is $100k. In addition, there is a Play Both option that allows lottery players to pick two sets of numbers and receive both a guaranteed $1 million prize and a second-tier $50,000 bonus.

Typically the Lotto 6/49 gets the lowest odds associated with winning, at one in 6. 6. The prizes usually are free tickets for the next draw. Previously, the lottery used another prize structure regarding jackpots $30 mil and higher. Yet , the prize framework for the newest game was not really as generous because it is today. The likelihood of winning inside the lottery have been 1 in 32. 우리카지노 더킹 3 ahead of Come july 1st 2010, but have considering that increased. Even though most likely not a professional bettor, you can still earn money by simply playing the Lotto 6/49.

Typically the odds of successful a LOTTO 6/49 jackpot are one out of 6. 6. Yet , the odds associated with winning are lower than for other lottery games. Typically the first prize you can win is a free ticket in order to the next pull. If you’re lucky enough to succeed the jackpot, the particular chances of earning are one within three2. 3, and the second prize is a free of charge ticket for the particular next draw. You need to be at least 20 years of age in purchase to play this lottery.

The odds of winning the particular lottery are one in 6. 6, you could win a increased prize if a person know what most likely doing. The finest way to improve your chances of successful is always to purchase since many tickets since you can pay for and use the free ones to be able to buy more. PCSO warns against getting more than 1 ticket. Even though the 6/49 lottery may be the greatest bet for participants in the Philippines, you need to check with your local Filipino Charity Sweepstakes Business office for any constraints.

The PCSO also recommends that players only play Super Lotto when they are 20 or older. The particular prize money through the lottery depends on the amount of tickets you’re buying. While typically the PCSO’s site will be a good location to get a ticket, make sure an individual don’t purchase it too cheaply. An individual can buy typically the ticket online. If you’re not, you’ll want to visit your own local PCSO part.

The chances of winning typically the 6/49 lottery are usually one out of 6. 6th. Winners usually acquire free tickets to be able to the next draw. If you win, likely to be awarded a new prize of $30 million or more. An individual must be at least 18 years older to learn the lottery. The lottery is not open to those under five yrs of age, as it requires a lowest of $20. Because of this you can earn a prize regarding up to $1,348,290, a half of $1,348,290, or a new quarter of the billion dollars dollars.

The PCSO Lotto award money is not really assured. In fact, chances of winning a new lottery prize usually are one in 6. 6. Even in case you win, you’ll usually receive free of charge tickets for the particular next draw. If you’ve won the jackpot, you’ll also get yourself a bonus of $30 million with regard to winning the lotto. The likelihood of winning the 6/49 lottery are usually 1 in 32. 3. Previously, the odds were a single in 54.

If you’ve won a prize, likely to receive a free ticketed to another attract. This will supply you with the chance to succeed several million bucks. The jackpot associated with the 6/49 lotto is $30 , 000, 000. There are simply no bonus prizes. If you’re lucky, you’ll acquire a free ticket to the next attract. In other words, you won’t earn anything. It’s just a bonus.

Chances of winning the particular Lotto 6/49 lottery are one inside 6. 6. A new bonus ticket will be a prize which is awarded to participants who match 5 or more associated with the six main numbers. The jackpot feature prize will be worth PhP 15, 840, 000. If you’ve combined all six figures, you’ll win PhP 50, 000. And if you’ve hit 4 of the 6 numbers in the winning combination, you will receive a set amount of PhP 1, 200.